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A video game logo. Branches and roots from a tree with red leaves form a twining circle around text reading 'Blood Nor Water'.

Blood Nor Water

Where Loyalty Meets Destiny: Choose Your Path in the Tides of War

Mitchell Garrett - Alex Sheppard - Jonathan Kittell-Queller

The Bond of Family & the Weight of Duty

Welcome to "Blood Nor Water," a narratively driven strategy role-playing game that immerses you in a gripping tale of loyalty, power, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

Set against the backdrop of a kingdom torn asunder by a fierce succession crisis, this game invites you to step into the shoes of two sisters, each caught on opposing sides of a devastating civil war. With a rich blend of tactical skirmishes and full-scale assaults, you'll wield both magic and might to claim victory on the battlefield.

As you navigate the treacherous waters of war and diplomacy, your decisions will not only shape the fate of the sisters but also the future of their realm. Join us on a journey where every choice carries the weight of destiny, and discover whether blood or water runs deeper when the world you know crumbles into chaos.

Gameplay Features

Tactical Skirmishes: Engaging & strategic level design, utilizing a wide variety of units, weapons, & armors.
Magic and Might: Combine traditional warfare and powerful magic to take control of the battlefield.
Army Management: Recruit new members into your army, customize how they battle, and help them fulfill their highest potential.
Rich Narrative: A rich and emotional journey across the continent with over 50 unique levels, all supported by gripping narrative scenes.

A Memorable Cast of Characters

Blood Nor Water features a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own motivations, loyalties, and secrets. At the heart of the game's epic narrative are two sisters, Leora and Eira, whose fates are irrevocably intertwined with the destiny of their kingdom.

Alongside them, a diverse cast of characters from the mystical fae to the fervent factions of royalists and loyalists, add depth and complexity to the story's unfolding drama.

A Vibrant Nation, Torn Asunder

Altessa, a kingdom ravaged by civil war.
This once-unified nation, now split into Royalist and Loyalist factions, features over 50 unique levels across varied environments—from frozen peaks and rolling plains to ancient forests and rugged highlands.
Each locale is not just a backdrop but a critical component of the gameplay, influencing tactics with its unique terrain and climate, inviting players to master the art of war in a land as beautiful as it is divided.

Altessa's rich tapestry of settings is integral to the game's immersive narrative, weaving the kingdom's history and culture into the very fabric of its landscapes. Players will traverse this vast and varied land, uncovering hidden secrets, engaging in strategic battles, and exploring a world alive with stories of loyalty, power, and the struggle for a brighter future.

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